Mayor Cherie Wood you Promise when the AUDIT was Done you would see that there would be a Full Report about the AUDIT. Go to Salt Lake Tribune to look up the Articles, if I do it Mayor Wood will have Article Deleted the Mayor want the Truth to come out.
Mayor Cherie Wood does not want the Truth come out the Mayor has had Articles Deleted Off my Blog. I and Other Citizens of South Salt Lake City are Contacting Elected Officials to let them know Mayor Cherie Wood cannot be Trusted with Taxpayers Dollars.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mayor Cherie Wood are not Serving the People of South Salt Lake

No Regular Fall Clean Up again, it is going be like last Fall, Dumpsters are going to be Distributed through out  the City. It is not going to work getting Volunteers to come Help the Residents. There a lot great need the City.
I have a Mattress for over a year now I will try to put it in the Dumper my self. South Salt Lake City might has well go County because does there Clean Up with Dumpsters.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall & the rest of the City Council are $$Bankuping$$ the City

 Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall & the rest of the City Council Wasted $2 Million of Taxpayers Dollars on trying to acquire Granite High School.

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall & the rest of the City Council authorized the Sale of of Property between Check City & Boat World just past 2100 South the Property was owned by current City Council Member Casey Fitts. The Sale was around $400,000 of Taxpayer Dollars. This Property is of no use to the City. This is a Total Conflict of Interest.

 Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall & the rest of South Salt Lake City Council raise Water & Sewer Rates in Order Help Fund Excessive Salaries that we cannot afford. 


Go to

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thanks too Increase in Water and Sewer Rates you will not want to Miss!

              The Utah Food Bank in South Salt Lake
                               Thursday August 22 
                                3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
                                2825 South 200 East

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall & the rest of the City Council succeeded in raising our Water and Sewer Rates to Fund Salaries that we cannot Afford. We need all the Help we can get Hope you can See you there.

Primary elections: Out with old, in with new in Murray, one of many cities to pick candidates | The Salt Lake Tribune

Primary elections: Out with old, in with new in Murray, one of many cities to pick candidates | The Salt Lake Tribune

Sunday, August 11, 2013

South Salt Lake needs a Mayor with True Leadership that Believes in Accountability

1. A Mayor with True Leadership that is willing to Service the Community and have Salary and Benefits that are reasonable that does not Burden the Taxpayers.

2. A Mayor with True Leadership Understand there need to be up most Integrity from the Elected Officials.

3. A Mayor with True Leadership take Full Accountability Regarding Budget Planning and Services.

4. A Mayor with True Leadership Believe in Open Transparent Local Government.

5. A Mayor with True Leadership Works Hard on bring the Community Together, to Help bring Safe and Secure Neighborhoods.

6. A Mayor with True Leadership Accept Responsibility for his or her Actions.

7. A Mayor with True Leadership Believe in Financial Accountability.

8. A Mayor with True Leadership Believe in Sensible Economic Development.

9. A Mayor with True Leadership Understands there are many needs out in the Community with they Service.

10. A Mayor with True Leadership Believes in Community Meeting to Help Find out the needs of the People that Lives in the Community.

             Please Go Vote August 13,2013

 By Tammi Diaz              


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is South Salt a better place under the current Mayor and City Council?

  South Salt Lake Mayor Cherie Wood gets paid $118,497, which includes both salary and benefits. She is the 7th highest payed mayor in the entire state. By comparison, the mayor of Salt Lake City, Ralph Becker, makes $131,723 to govern a city that has over 186,000 people, seven times the population of our city. What justifies this excessive salary? Remember, this is your tax money.
      South Salt Lake City has the highest paid Police Chief ($185,295) and Fire Captain ($159,928) in the state of Utah. In fact, the eight highest paid employees of South Salt Lake are paid more than Utah's Governor Gary Herbert ($149,511). South Salt Lake's water and sewer rates went up this last spring. Part of the Mayor's salary as well as that of other employees comes from water and sewer funds. Why? Again, what justifies these excessively high salaries in our small city of 23,000 people.

      The current Mayor and City Council (including Boyd Marshall) authorized the sale of a property that was owned by current by current City Council member Casey Fitts. Why did the city need to acquire this property? Most people would call this a conflict of interest so why did the City Council and Mayor allow this? The sale price was around $400,000 - of your tax money.

     The current Mayor and City Council used $92,000 in tax money to promote the Granite High School Bond. That was illegal. Tax money cannot be used to promote any politcian or political issue such as a bond.
1. Gorrell, Mike. "Did South Salt Lake break law pushing bond?  The Salt Lake Tribune, Nov 4, 2011

    Boyd Marshall has been on the City Council for 14 years representing District 2. Has he served long enough? I think it is time for a change.

    After the bond was voted down the Mayor and City Council continued to lease Granite High School from the Granite School District for another $500,000. Our city's lease of Granite High expired in March of 2013 and the ownership of the school was returned to the Granite School District - which means that we lost the entire $500,000. Is that being fiscally responsible?
1. NEUGEBAUER, Cimaron. "No Happy ending for Granite High site as movie studio plan unwinds." The Salt Lake Tribune March 19,2013
2. Page, Jared. "South Salt Lake still hoping to buy Granite High property" The Deseret News Jan 23, 2012.
3. Martin JM. Granite High $25 million tax obligation bond fails after recount."  South Salt Lake Journal Jan 2012.

        According to the above articles, Mayor Cherie Wood knew that the $25 million  dollar bond was not enough to buy and renovate Granite High School. A second tax increase would be necessary to complete the renovate of the school. The public was misled into believing that the $25 million bond would be enough to finish the project. Even after the bond was defeated the Mayor and City Council were still planning to buy Granite High School anyway. They did not care that the citizens had voted down a tax increase - they had their own agenda. In the end $2 million of our tax dollars were lost trying to acquire Granite High School.

       The Current city administration conducts a large portion of city business behind closed doors. Why? 
These people are representatives of the citizens of the city, why are they conducting city business in secret?
What do they have to hide? One current City Council member stated in a City Council meeting that conducting city business was much easier to do when the public was not involved. Is this proper representation?

     Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall and the rest of the current City Council have tried desperately to significantly increase your property taxes. They have already succeeded in raising our water and sewer rates to fund salaries that we cannot afford. The citizens of South Salt Lake need new leadership. We now have the opportunity to choose a new Mayor and fill three City Council seats with new people that will listen to the public, who will be responsible with our tax dollars and will stop using deception and secrecy to further their own personal agendas. Its is important that everyone votes. The $25 million dollar bond failed by only 5    votes - your vote matters!

By Kevin Rapp - Candidate for City Council District 2  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"South Salt Lake City needs to Elected a New Mayor"

The Residents of South Salt Lake are Wonderful. The Mayor Cherie Wood is the Worse Major the city of South Salt Lake has ever had since I have live in South Salt Lake. There no way she is Worth a Salary of $118,497. South Salt Lake City is full of Pay-Day, Title Loans, Used Car Lots, Bars and Strip Clubs.  There are not really any places to go shop in 
South Salt Lake but Reams to Grocery Store that it.

Right now she is acting like she cares about community activities before the Election August 13, 2013. She finally started the Groundbreaking for the Central Park Community Center which should been done over two year ago. 

 If Major Cherie Wood is Re-Elected do not be Surprised, that we get the State Prison. South Salt Lake City needs a Mayor and City Council members that cares and has leaderships that that will bring the Community Together.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

South Salt Lake City Need Real Change in Government

I have been so Blessed to lived in South Salt Lake City for 27 Years there a lot Good People that Live here. At the time of my accident on January 27,1995, I was in auto/pedestrian accident 3300 South 300 East. I receive a traumatic brain injury and pelvic fracture. Many of the Neighbors, Friends and Members of the Community Rally around me. I am so Thankful.

The Problem is South Salt Lake City Elected Officials they not care about needs of the Residents they keep Cutting Service then turn around and Increase there Salaries.They not Listen any of the Residents unless they agree with them. I and many of the other Residents have been Bully, Yell at of and the City Council Argue with Residents do not Feel Welcome at City Council Meeting.

I would really enjoy getting Involved in making South Salt Lake City a better Place to Live. But I am No Longer Welcome Out in the Community Thanks to Utah Transit Authority and Our Elected Officials not Standing Up to UTA. I & many other Residents have been Hurt by UTA Canceling Route 300. I can No Longer go Shopping on my Own to the Doctor Etc.

I have learned to appreciate life. I am proud of who I am. Life is a Gift.

South Salt Lake City Government belongs to the Residents of South Salt Lake City. I am Support Shane Siwik for Mayor. Please in the Primary Vote Anyone but Cherie Wood for Mayor, any of the other 5 Candidates would do a very Good Job. For at Large I am Voting for Debbie Snow and for District 2 I am Voting for Kevin Rapp.   

The Trusted Leader: Building Relationships to Make Government Work

The Trusted Leader: Building Relationships to Make Government Work